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ALPHA-LAYTRON is a specialized contract manufacturer for printed circuit boards (PCB). The scope of work comprises, consulting, worldwide sourcing and sale of components, mastery of all standard technologies and special product-specific processes for the PCB assembly.

In addition to more than 30 years of experience in electronic assembly and manufacturing, we offer and supply only products of certified quality, sourced from our worldwide supplier network. This makes us more than just a dependable service provider. It makes us the partner of choice for our customers.

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Annett Jahn
Annett JahnAdministration
Annett has been with the company for nearly 10 years. As admistrative assistant, she supports corporate management. Additionally she is responsible for billing and the daily office operations.


If you so desire, we interact with you and accept responsibility for the entire process chain beginning with consulting, to design and development, prototype builds, verification, product orientation and preparation, up to and including establishment of a time line, quality inspection and logistical arrangements


When it comes to Inventory control of active and passive components, electromechanical or specific components, you profit from our worldwide supplier network and any volume discounts we are offered since we buy in large quantities. Regarding the preferred component list, we strictly adhere to your instructions, either purchasing from a specific supplier or by only using predetermined components.

Warehousing and Inventory Control

The FIFO (First in First Out) we generally use, assures us, that inventory, which arrives at our warehouse first, is also used first. We also maintain safety quantities of critical parts to assure ourselves that, while the possibility of a production- or logistics delay at one of the suppliers may exist at some point, we will not fall victim to any bottle-neck situations, which may adversely impact production schedules.

M.O.P.S. Manufacture Operating and Planning System

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