In-circuit-test (ICT) and functional-test (FKT) equipment

Special attention is given to our quality control process with a zero-error-requirement. During our in-circuit-test, we check the PCB for assembly errors, and also for faulty soldering, as well as for possibly defect components. With this test system, analog and digital parameters of components can tested and measured.

To avoid possible damage to the components, which are tested during the ICT, and to prevent diodes from becoming conduits themselves, it is done with very low voltage and current. The most important parameters of the test, are for: short-circuit (to identify possible unreliable connections), resistance values, capacity testing of capacitors, inductivity testing of coils and diode and transistor tests. Additional tests are to determine discharge routines of capacitors, contacts, testing for correct polarity, and other functions. Customer-specific tests can include frequency measurements, LED-testing, high-voltage-measuring or endurance testing. During functionality testing of components, entire or partial functionality of control elements are tested. During these GO or NO-GO tests, faulty components are identified and rejected. More extensive ICT-tests, and other additional tests, such as frequency- or high-voltage-measuring can be done using specific tester(s) at the customer´s request. We´d be pleased to integrate your test requirements into our production run.


Additionally and for your peace of mind, we provide TÜV certification as well as quality management. Certificates are issued and provided by TÜV PROFI Cert according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 (PDF 2,09 MB) and DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 (PDF 1,89 MB).


Manufacturing – Operating – Planning – System. This sums our services: design, development, layout, assembly, PCB, PCBA, ICT…
For more than thirty years, we have been striving to please our customers…and continuously try to improve our ability to meet and exceed their requirements and expectations. This is why we focus on and invest heavily into

  • Secure and efficient production runs
  • Continuous training and courses of our technicians
  • Customer orientation
  • Quality and Dependability
  • And last but not least customer service

This effectivity can only be achieved by combining accurate assembly/manufacturing, strict quality assurance, and the highest degree of delivery reliability.
This is why we have designed and implemented our M.O.P.S. at Alpha-Laytron.