Rush Order Schedule – PCB Assembly

Work Days Additional Costs in %
1 400%
2 300%
3 200%
4 100%
5 75%
6 50%
7 35%
8 30%
9 25%
10 20%
11 15%
12 10%
13 5%
>14 0%

Customer must give advance notice and Alpha-Laytron has accept rush order!

Additional cost for rush order
In the event the customer requests a rush-order, an additional charge that depends on the urgency of order, is added to assembly costs only.

Customer supplied components
As a rule in such events, it is the customer´s responsibility to supply the required components, but the customer also has the option to make use of our sourcing service.

Creation of templates
To create templates for soldering paste, respectively adhesive bonding templates in five (5) days, NO additional charges apply. If the templates are required within three (3) days, a fifty percent (50%) rush-order-fee will be assessed, if required within two (2) days, a one-hundred percent (100%) rush-order-fee will be added. The basis for creating high-quality templates, are the Gerber files supplied to us by the customer. We exclusively use laser-nickel silver templates, which will become the customers´ property and will be archived at Alpha-Laytron.

Contract conditions
Terms and conditions apply from day 1 through day 14 as agreed upon:
As long as the material is delivered to us by 2:00 pm, the first day after receiving them, counts as day 1 of the assembly process. Delivery is always before 2:00 pm on the first day following the last day of assembly. Only after all pertinent data, details and necessary components have been received by Alpha-Laytron, will we initiate the applicable rush order schedule.

Product responsibility
Rush orders and/or when customers elect to supply certain components, Alpha-Laytron can only offer to visually identify components and cannot provide any kind if other testing to guarantee functionality. For the aforementioned reasons, we decline any kind of responsibility regarding correctness or functionality of components. We only work with materials of the highest quality and according to the latest technical standards. We only offer guarantees for PCBs and components, which have undergone rigorous functionality-, respectively IN-CIRCUIT testing by Alpha-Laytron, thus no complaints regarding warranty or guarantee will be considered. While Alpha-Laytron will do its best to accommodate the needs and schedule requirements of customers whenever possible, the all rush order schedules are non-binding. Possible partial deliveries are considered acceptable: 2 units or ten (10%) of the total order.
It is expressly understood that the laws of Germany apply and place of venue is Darmstadt.