Full or partial Service…either way…we can deliver both.

Within the parameters of our full-service, Alpha-Laytron is your service provider from the very beginning.
Once you have authorized us, we will place our entire know-how at your disposal. From the first engineering drawing to sourcing to purchasing the desired, respectably required PCBs and necessary components to assembly of entire consoles and equipment to logistics arrangements, including

  • Testing to determine technical feasibility
  • Design development considering the entire process chain
  • Product design
  • Design for testability

Because our services are separately usable as individually modules, we are also able to support our customers as operational or strategic partner, since all service may be used independently.


If you so desire, we interact with you and accept responsibility for the entire process chain beginning with consulting, to design and development, prototype builds, verification, product orientation and preparation, up to and including establishment of a time line, quality inspection and logistical arrangements

Our services at Alpha-Laytron include

  • Consulting and distribution
  • Hard- and software development
  • PCB design and layout
  • FIFO Inventory system, incl. proof of delivery
  • Assembly of PCBs with soldering eyelets and riveter
  • SMD and THT assembly
  • Reflow-, wave- and selective soldering in nitrogen atmosphere
  • Manual soldering (manufacturing and repair)
  • In-circuit (ICT)- and functional test facility
  • Assembly of complete units
  • Logistical support including returnable/reusable containers


Annett Jahn
Annett JahnAdministration
Annett has been with the company for nearly 10 years. As admistrative assistant, she supports corporate management. Additionally she is responsible for billing and the daily office operations.


When it comes to Inventory control of active and passive components, electromechanical or specific components, you profit from our worldwide supplier network and any volume discounts we are offered since we buy in large quantities. Regarding the preferred component list, we strictly adhere to your instructions, either purchasing from a specific supplier or by only using predetermined components.

Due to our own supplier rating system, only pre-qualified suppliers, where we can be assured of the required quality and with whom we have a close and long-standing business relationship, are selected and used. We continuously inform you regarding allocation of components by the supplier, PCN (Product Change Notification), LTB (Last Time Buy) and manage the entire ordering process for you.

Global Sourceing

With the opening of our office in China, we have the additional advantage and capability to also offer large quantities of components and parts at a quality level our customers have come to expect from us. Locally, we take control, manage the entire process, including quality assurance and also guide you through the logistical portion.

You have questions? Simply pick up the phone and call our headquarters at +49 6162 9317 0 (Mon – Fri. 9:00am to 5:00pm CET). We are here to help you!

Warehousing and Inventory Control

The FIFO (First in First Out) we generally use, assures us, that inventory, which arrives at our warehouse first, is also used first. We also maintain safety quantities of critical parts to assure ourselves that, while the possibility of a production- or logistics delay at one of the suppliers may exist at some point, we will not fall victim to any bottle-neck situations, which may adversely impact production schedules. To avoid any such mishaps, we use bar-coding in inventory control and our system works in real time.